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Friday, March 30, 2007

Confused but Determined!

So, as you know, I'm reworking my website. I am a smart would think this wouldn't be quite so intimidating to me. In any case, I went to update FrontPage to discover that it is now gone the way of the dinosaurs. There is a new Expression Web application. Wonder what the learning curve is like? Well, guess I'll find out shortly. I've got it downloaded and just need to start messing with it.

Of course, I have to fit it all in and still meet my deadline for my next digit kit. It has a masculine theme...which is so way harder to design than a girly theme. At least for me. And I'm one of those scrapbookers who doesn't have a problem using flourishes and flowers on my boy pages, so I have to restrain myself to not overload my designs with them.

I just love how scrapbooking is trend-oriented. It's especially amusing to watch trends "come back" like the corner punch or circle cutter. I am secretly happy that I'm so disorganized that I never threw mine out in the first place...unlike the horrible waves of nausea I get with some of the '80s fashion re-dos. There are just some things that shouldn't come back. Ugh!

Speaking of fashion...are these designers for real? The stuff the models wear on the runway is ridiculous! Of course, I've never been to a fashion show, so maybe the normal stuff just doesn't make it to the magazines. It must be nice to know that people will pay obscene amounts of money for just anything you pull out of your hat (or other dark places). Maybe I can be that famous someday. LOL

Well, I'm off to figure out this web stuff. Wish me luck! - Krystal

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