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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Creative Block...freebie suggestions?

It's that time...a new month is just around the corner, and I will be putting up new challenges at My Creative Block. What I want to know is your wish list for the freebies. Maybe I can keep a running list of things you'd like to see me create for you. TIA


Melissa O. said...

I love anything you do but my requests are some of your doodles/line art like the bird on the creative block banner and any converters/templates that can be used in LifeTimez. The converters really help sell the usefullness of LT : )

Susan Catmull said...

All your creations inspire me. So whatever you like at the moment is probably something everyone will like.

Beth Swann said...

I would love to see more flourishes, phrases, wording, journal blocks with flourishes around them, etc. TIA!

Kayla Freitas said...

Krystal, I would do ANYTHING for your creative challenges blog for some karate stuff. :) hahaha

I would love to see some cool transparencies for digi scrapping. I think you and I both gravitate towards Rhonna, so anything in her realm is great. Flourishes and cute little accents.

I guess it's also that time of year for anything that is holiday-y, too.

I love everything you come up with, so just keep being you. :)