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Friday, September 7, 2007

Winter layout

Used my kit to throw together a layout. Confession: all my winter/snowy photos are archived, so I had to rescrap this one photo of Landon (if it looks familiar to you, that's why).

p.s. Thanks for all the votes. PLEASE let me know if you use the kit for any of your layouts! I want to see them!!!! :)

p.p.s. Can anyone let me know if there were any problems with the designs: stray pixels, too blurry or jagged, didn't open at 12x12 300 dpi, etc.? I didn't see any problems, but I'm staring at the screen and going nutty. Thanks for your constructive criticism!!!


Wendy said...

I love this. I love the brush stroke look, and the colors.
If this is thrown together, I would love to see one you spent hours on! LOL Great Job!1

Rach said...

Can you tell my why I can't view this? Says I am authorized when I go to the digitals site. I can log in with my user name but won't let me view your kit?

Anonymous said...

Hi Krystal,

Sorry I didn't see this in time to vote! But I see you didn't need my vote and won anyway! You deserve it, your kit is beautiful! I hope we get some snow this year in Texas so I can use it! :)

Great job!
Julie Hunden