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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Woot! Looks like I'm moving to Round 3

Thanks to you all for your votes. Special thanks to Rachel for posting my stuff on her blog AND creating 3 layouts to share. Wow!!!!! As of this moment, I'm in the lead with 33 votes (ahead by 7). It could change before tomorrow night, but it looks good enough to move on.

Round 3 is to create 12 elements that coordinate with my papers from Round 2. So, what would you like to see???


Rach said...

A journaling box similar to the one on the prince/princess LT, a frame, ribbon or similar "stripe", scroll or other brush work, Colored diamonds to pull in the kit colors and the diamond theme on the red paper, a circle of words, (maybe just a repeat of the title?) and last but not least something shiney! That could be universal for both sexes.

Jaime Snider said...

Congrats Krystal! I second ALL of Rachel's suggestions and maybe some felt stars, wire details, or doodles. Oh and some of your fabulous word art. You can never have too much word art!!

ashli said...

stars and lots of em' crazy pointy doodles...starbursts..maybe......a crazy looking font...with maybe some doodling attached (can you tell I just got Ooodles of Doodles) from THE BUCKET...wish you would have been there...sad face! :( GOOOOOOOOD LUCK...loving your stuff.....IT ROCKS! oh...maybe some real pointy funky looking hearts..boy friendly..maybe that mommas would want to use for their little MEN! anything you do I WILL LOVE! can't wait to see it! tataaaaaaaaaaa good won't need it b/c you are awesome!

Nicole Seitler said...

1) Thank you for submitting your blog to my list on Squidoo.

2) Not to be rude to anyone else in the contest, but your designs are amazing. I voted for you and grabbed all three kits. I'm trying to use a Shutterfly book coupon and I decided I'm going to scrap my baby boy's first year, so these are just perfect!

3) I loved reading about you running to the library in the middle of the night. Sounds like something that would have happened to me and my hubby. LOL!

4) I'm going to subscribe to your blog and keep up with your status in the contest. Best of luck (or should I say "I hope you're blessed")!

5) My downloads are done now... I'm outta here--I gotta play! ;)