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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

{Creative Ensemble}

Instead of posting this all over the web, I'm keeping it here on my blog...where my friends and supporters visit. I want to keep this first CE a small, intimate group. The term will last until the end of January '08. My new products should be hitting the stores later this month. Okay... Here's the way it works:

What you'll be doing:
  • You'll get free access to my products
  • You'll need to design a LO or project with each release that you download
  • Post to the gallery of the site where the kit is for sale and 2 other popular online galleries
  • Promote the products as appropriate, including continuing to submit your pages for publication if you are inclined
  • Share ideas about new products and ideas that you have with me
  • Of course, you'll get to sport a KH CE blinky

I'm especially interested in having at least one person who wants to use the products for hybrid projects...not just digi layouts. If you're interested, please email me the following info:

  • Why you'd like to be a part of my CE
  • Link to your most complete gallery
  • Which popular online gallery you most frequently post to (if different from above)
  • Anything else you'd like me to know


jaime said...

Good luck with your call Krystal. I'm sure you will have tons of talented applicants.

Good luck to everyone who applies! We already know how great Krystal's designs are now it is time to share her with the rest of digi-land!

Rach said...

This is just too cool!

ashli wolf said...

oh my goodnes...WOHOO!!! i am not sure I am worthy...but very interested in the hybrid projects...LOVE theM...LOve altErInG stUfF!!! can't wait to here MORE! tata many days?!?!?!?! ahhh..not many cya

Beth Swann said...

Oh, how I wish I had the time to commit to this. Not that I'm necessarily qualified to "apply" for the position anyway...However, I look forward to purchasing your kits and advertising for you anyhow! I can't wait to see you take the digital world by storm!!!

Melissa O. said...

Just want to say that Rach better apply because I love the layouts she does with your awesome products : )

Jan said...

Oh what fun!!! I'm sure you'll have those extremely creative gals knocking down your door!! (hhmmm.. like Rachel!!) Good luck!

Jan said...

I meant that comment about Rachel only in a good way. I read that again, and realized it might come across wrong. I'm basically putting in my vote for Rachel to get an automatic slot on the team! : )

Tant Eva said...

Well, you know I will use all your future kits anyway. I can't wait to see them. Hurry hurry girl! ;)