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Monday, October 15, 2007

Wanna Play? I think I mentioned that I'm on the Creative Team at Faith Sisters. Well, each week, we post a challenge LO. Thing can only see it at the FS website. So, I'm going to do something fun so that you'll go take a peek!

On my LO, I used the little flowers and flourish that you see in this little Faith elements pack. All you have to do to get these for free is to check out my Testimony LO at Faith Sisters and leave a comment.

NOTE: First time visitors will need to register and GET APPROVED before logging in and leaving comments! Make sure it's easy for me to send you the link by either adding your email address to your comment or in your profile. I'm sure you will see something like this every week from me, so it's worth your while to go ahead and register :) I'll probably send out the links at the end of each day. Thanks for playing!


Rach said...

So love these colors!! I just registered over at FS so once I get approval I will leave my thoughts. I sent you something personally about my thoughts as well. Thank you for your words. I am not good with voicing my thoughts but you nailed what I wanted to say. We are so alike it is scarey!

ashli wolf said...

loVing it!!! the coLorS and GruNge..totally Y*UMMY!!! I will CheCk it out...tata chic chicka! xoxo...ash

Cheryl :) said...

Hi Krystal,

I love the way you stated your testimony. Mine's similar. I don't know a time without God, my faith has just grown stronger with the years and trials.

How do you post a comment at the gallery? I'm having trouble with that.

Krystal Hartley said...

Cheryl, I see you were able to get into the gallery to leave comments. Woohoo!

Just a reminder for everyone to make it easy for me to email you the freebie...if you don't want to leave your email address in your comment or profile, pls at least email me with it. I'm Thanks!

Jan said...

It's a beautiful layout!!! I can't figure out how to leave a comment on the website though. : )

Sunny said...

Thanks for sharing! We are so LUCKY To have you helping spread the word.

Beth Swann said...

I, too, loved your choice in words of how to express your testimony. Chalk it up to another one of your many talents! You spoke many things that I can easily identify with. It's interesting to realize that we all have had our struggles, but it's so inspiring to overcome and be triumphant! Thanks for sharing!