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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Input Needed

I really love the doodled "home" word in the freebie below. I was thinking of offering a bunch of them as downloads, but I don't know if you guys think they are as cute as I do. I'm very eclectic in my practically everything except maybe heritage/victorian stuff (and even that in moderation I suppose). Anyways, if you like the doodled words (and what's a really good way to describe them???), then leave me some ideas on words/colors you'd like to see!


ashli wolf said...

I LOVE that idea...WOHOO!!! oh what do I want...hmmmmmm..well, I am SuCH the animal print anything animal print would TOTALLY rock! leopard..AHH! For the season, though...I, blessed, thanks, nOel, merry...hmmm..I could go on...hehe..oh FAMILY! Most definiltey! alright chicka...tata..ash

Susan Catmull said...

I also think thats a great idea. You could do bundles with relating words. Like for Christmas (JOY, PEACE, CHRISTMAS,ETC.) and other general things like Birthdays,Seasons,other holidays, etc.
I love fun bold colors that would coordinate with some of your previous papers and embellies or to coordinate with anything new you are dreaming up. I'm like you Krstal I like a mix of looks and colors.
Also thanks for the freebie. I just need to get making something now.

"Kreative Karma" said...

I love everything you do!

Rach said...

Doodle word clusters! Love it!
Since most of what you have done so far coordinates so well you could easily pull this off!

You could do Disney-ish words, Family words, holiday, general phrases/words.

Trust me, you make it, we will buy it!

Travis & Leslie said...

Love it Love it Love it! I'm for flexibility. Colors more neutral. Things that can be used just about everywhere. FAMILY, LOVE. Love the other ideas too though; I'm sure whatever you put together will be loved and enjoyed!

~ScrappieJackie~ said...

I LOVE the doodle words...and everything else of yours for that matter...I agree with all the other suggestions...holidays...coordinate with previous addition to those...maybe even more bible verses or words...basically whatever inspires YOU..inspires us =)