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Friday, February 29, 2008


Just having some more fun with Nikki Painter's great designs (click for credits):


Rach said...

Beautiful as usual...but I have to say this...and please don't take it wrong...

I can't get used to you using anything but "your" stuff. It still sets me back everytime I see it. It just shows how creative you are to be able to do it with anyones 'stuff'.

I just recently started playing with other designers 'stuff' and I am not 100% sure of myself yet. I feel 'off' when I so. So I think I sprinkle a little "kh" on every layout for peace! LOL

Love this! Hope you are feeling better. I feel like we haven't 'talked' in forever. Thinking of you.

Susan Catmull said...

Beautiful as always.