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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Potato Hunt Anyone?

Here's what I contributed:

Freebie (you have to find the potato in my shop)

Papers (part of the paper pack that is free with $15 purchase)


Rach said...

Excellent...Glitter, green, shiney, shabby...all things I LOVE! And made by YOU completes the compliments!
I found mine!

A few of the links for other designers was not working...Laura Ping and Amanda Lee if I remember correctly are two that I found. (I think)

Susan Catmull said...

Oh, I love this alphabet. So cute. Krystal can I buy the papers somewhere else as I already have all your designs. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those papers. I hope you have more coming because I've seen a few of the elements on some of your CT's layouts (flower and dots for example) and I love them too. I'm one of those instant gratification people.LOL

Krystal Hartley said...

Ooh...don't know if I can sell the papers separately...maybe after the event. I'll have to check into it.

Those doodles you mentioned were in a grab bag this past weekend, I can definitely release those, so keep an eye out.

Susan Catmull said...

Thanks, I can't miss anything you make. WAY TOO CUTE! I can wait a little bit.

Susan Catmull said...

Nevermind on the papers I just bought a bunch of stuff and got the papers as the freebie. But I would still love elements to go with both the pink/orange papers and the blue/green. Love that look.

Kathy said...

Thank you for this fabulous alpha, truly gorgeous!!!!