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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

be still

It's Wednesday...a new Faith Sisters challenge is coming your way! Here's my LO, using some of my newest goodies.

p.s. I think FS is experiencing technical difficulties at the moment.


ashli kay wolf said...

i am suffering from withdrawals from our forum on fs...hahaha..this is a BEAUTIFUL layout..LOVE the NEAT! I am smelling a NOAh's Ark page with those waves YEAH! xoxo.ash

Rach said...

The 'rays' of light are awesome. Is that just brush work? again...totally clueless about design work. If it's not cut & paste, I am lost! LOL

Beautiful page. More like art than a scrapbook page.

Meredith said...

that is beautiful!!! okay, this line from your credits, "Rain, boat, "peace," leaves, cloud and bracket trim...just miscellaneous stuff by Krystal Hartley" makes me CRAZY! :) I literally think you should just open your layout, drag all of those miscellaneous elements off your page, and into a folder called rain or april showers and upload it to your store! :) i want that silver stitching and rain really badly! :) beautiful layout, krystal! i really do love it.

Wendy said...

THIS IS GORGEOUS!! Yes I am yelling.
You are the BOMB.
I love the way the cloud hangs from the chain. The waves the colors.

I agree with Rach this is ART!!!!!