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Monday, April 7, 2008

No email!

Well, we were having sporadic internet issues yesterday, and it looks like when we called Verizon, they gave us a new IP. We didn't know that, so we didn't change the forwarding info for my email. So...if you've tried emailing me, and it's bounced, then that's why.

I hope you have all updated your address book with my address as the khartleyATscrapwithTLCdotCom is being phased out.


Rach said...

So you didn't get my email telling you my big news?? LOL kidding...I haven't emailed you directly in awhile.

Here is what my email would have said, "Krystal, You ROCK!"

Love ya,

Amy said...

Hey girlie! I don't know what TLC is either, but I do want to second Rach, You ROCK!

Jan said...

Hey!! Hope you get the internet issues resolved soon.

Have a great weekend!!!! As life settles down, I can't wait to play with your new digi stuff!!!!!

Oh yes, you ROCK!!!