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Monday, June 16, 2008

What's she been up to?

Yeah...I know...the ol' blog has been quiet for a few days. It's because I've been up to no good! :) Actually, I had a little creative mojo and started a new series of kits. Here's a little sneak peek from the first one to be released later this week.

Plus, I'm looking for a Description Writer to write up the store descriptions for my products in exchange for the kit/product pack. If you're interested, just email me and show me an example of your work. This isn't an official call, so I won't put a deadline...I'll probably snag the first person that is a good fit.


Natalie said...

Oooohhh, waiting impatiently with anticipation. The preview looks good.

Amy said...

That looks AWESOME! I can't wait! By the way, I finally posted about the Dad Kit on my blog! LOL! Always a day late and a dollar short, story of my life.

ashli kay wolf said... is the most awesome sneak peak it! can't wait to PLAY girlfriend...oh and YES, i am so gregarious..i am SURE that i could think up something to sell your kits like hotcakes :) kidding...i would probably scare people :)


Jan said...

I cannot wait to play with this!!!! Such a cute sneak peek!!!!!

Susan Catmull said...

I eyed it good to try and figure out what the kits were. I guess I'll have to wait like everyone else to see how fabulous it is.

Julie Hunden said...

Looks fun Krystal! Can't wait to see the whole thing! I've been dying to get some of those little angel wings! Glad I waited!