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Monday, August 25, 2008

Save 50% Today Only

The kids started back to school today. I kind of love the routine of the school much easier for us to remember things like family prayer. Landon loves his new teacher...who is pretty and smart. He's baffled as to why she's not married yet. LOL Avery has her schedule loaded up with honors and pre-AP classes. She's the big kid on campus this year...8th grader! Did I mention we wear the same size shoe now? If only I could fit into her size 4 jeans. :)

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Mystical Moocow said...

*soft laugh at the jeans comment* I hear ya there. My sister, Shelley, is one of your um..designers? The kids here just went back to school yesterday, and it was GLORIOUS *chuckling*. I got so much accomplished yesterday. It was really a breath of fresh air. I really like the designs and stuff you make. Maybe one day, when I'm all gwwoooowed up, I can be like Mike. *g*