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Friday, January 30, 2009

How 'bout some hybrid?

First up is an idea file for decorating rooms in my house. I printed out the darling house in Fee's kit as the cover and then used the same shape to make "dividers" throughout the book for each room. Each divider also has place holders for before and after photos. I put it all together with my Bind It All.

Next up is your typical hybrid card about someone who definitely isn't ordinary. I just loved these little apples in Jazzmin's Pure Sweetness kit!

Jofia makes the most magical kits, and this kit is no exception! I immediately thought of all the sweet baby gifts you could with, shower invitations, onesies, and so much more. I chose to make a small gift bag perfect for holding a gift card (my preferred gift of choice these days).

1 comment:

RealRach said...

Doens't it feel good to get your hands 'dirty' again?! Such nice therapy for the winter yucks! They rock as usual. I expect nothing less than perfection from you little one! My Hero!