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Friday, April 10, 2009

Want to create for me?

My last CT call was such a huge undertaking, and it pains me a great deal to have to turn anyone down. So, I thought I'd just be on the lookout for folks sporting my fan blinkie in their signatures at the places I tend to hang out. You can also pass along your interest to any of the girls currently on my team because they are my secret spies {muahaha}!

If you are wondering where I might stumble across you wearing my fan blinkie, here are the spots I tend to visit the most frequently:
Scrap Orchard

I don't know if/when/how many, but this should be a fairly painless way for us to go about hooking up. :)


Melanie said...

have changed my signature in a couple of places.....

RealRach said...

So about this hook up...Is it a one nighter or are you looking for a long term commitment!? LOL Mwahahaha I'm really looking for a long term hook up...can you spare me the time?

Oh wait...we are still hooked up! whoow...that I was having one of THOSE dreams for a minute...You did look good in that photoshopped photo you know! LOL hahaha GOTCHA!

Nancy said...

This would be great! I already had you on my DST siggie, just went and added the SO and DSA too. Can get to my DST gallery via the linkie on my little meager blog (just getting into blogging.....).

Anonymous said...

Love this way of having a CT call Krystal! And, easy peasy, cause your blinkie is already in my sig at SO and DSA, lol.

Sara said...

just thought i'd mention that you're going in my sig at dsa right this moment... well your blinkie is. you're already there in text. I'm also stalking your ct. In the nicest way possible. heheeee!

Natalie said...

Ok, I don't want to hear that there's a restraining order for stalking you just so I can get noticed. ROFL!!

Beth Swann said...

Good luck with your CT call. I wish you all the BEST!!!!

LeeAndra said...

I liked creating for you in January. I'd be interested in a LTR with you. :)