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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I scrapped!

Don't freak out or pass out! It's been four months, but I just felt inspired and said to heck with my design deadlines. I NEED to scrap.

I'm playing with Misty Cato's new kit, too. Yay!!

And I'll see you all again tomorrow because I have a brand new kit for my guest stay at the DigiChick.


Rose said...

Love your layout, is this kit available yet, and if it is what was it called? Very cute :)

RealRach said...


RealRach said...

Do you ....*******THUD, SPLAT*****

RealRach said...

Ouch...Stop...You're killing me. I'm so light headed now. What did you say? You scrapped?? Do you know how long I have waited to see this???