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Friday, August 31, 2012

CT Call 2012 - Results

I want to thank all who applied again. You should have all received a response from me. Everyone had something to offer, and it just killed me every time I had to narrow down my "cluster" apps to just a few or tell myself I had enough scrappers with strong brushwork skills or that it probably doesn't make sense to saturate my team with newer, less-experienced scrappers. I spent a lot of time shuffling names from one list to another, eventually ending up with a what I think is a really well-rounded  group of permanent additions and a handful of guests.

So, I'll quit yapping now and give you the names. Won't you help me congratulate them?

Alisa / ayaandjudah 
Allison / AlPennington
Angie / nun69
Carrie  / carrie1977
Cheri / scrapdreams
Cornelia / *Cornelia*
Diane / dianeskie
Erika  / DoodleBop
Gloria Angeline / chocochoco
Heidi / scrappurple
Rachel / seatrout
Jennifer / iScrap
Jeanye /NeeNee
Judy / Moodyjudy
Kay / KayM
Kelley / kelleydq
Kim / kim21673
Linda / hondachicc
Lorie / Loriebug66
Lorraine/ Scrapmemories
May / MayS
Melissa / k23m
Sherri / Tierney
Sara / KSCwgirl
Trish / mommatrish
Zora / DeepGirl


Carrie said...

Woooot!! Soooo stoked!

Congrats to all!!

Natalie said...

Congrats to everyone!

San said...

Congrats Ladies, have a great time creating lovely LO's!!

Cheri said...

Woo Hoo! So excited!

So~Inkin~Cute said...

What a fabulous list of HUGE TALENT!!!!!!!!!

Petra said...

Congrats to you ladies!!! :D

Charlize_C said...

WOOT, congratulations Ladies!

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Just for Fun Only said...
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