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Friday, September 20, 2013

You Never Know How Far You Can Fly

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As some of you know, our family recently entered a new chapter as our daughter began her transition into adulthood with her college education at the University of Texas at Austin. I have been a hot mess of emotions for the past year as we anticipated and prepared for it, feeling everything from sadness and anxiety to excitement and pride. I am mostly thrilled for my {not so} little girl as she spreads her wings and leaves the nest.

Of course, I had to channel some of my sentiments into my creative work, thus the evolution of my latest kit: There She Goes. The title may sound familiar to those of you who follow my self-portrait journey, and it's related in the sense that we are all on our own personal journeys of self-discovery and learning to appreciate our uniqueness and gifts. And as my daughter steps gently onto this new path, I continue my own trek to being the best version of myself, owning my strengths and weaknesses, nurturing my gifts and remembering my unique calling to be Krystal in all of my roles, including the mother of a college student.

You can purchase the kit here. You can see wonderful creative inspiration here. Feel free to pin and share my Happy Share Square.

You can also pick up this fun element pack.

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