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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Vote Him OFF the Island!

Any American Idol fans out there? I honestly have no idea how in the world Sanjaya has lasted this long. I told Michael that they need to have 2 numbers for each to vote FOR and one to vote AGAINST. I would so spam the number to kick Sanjaya off. I don't actually ever vote...'cause I like so many of them, but I would definitely vote him off. And frankly, Haley should have gone home by now, too.

If I had to pick my favorites, I think I could narrow it down to two: Melinda and Blake. Melinda brings me to tears every week I think. I cannot take my eyes off of her when she performs. It amazes me how she gets into the performance and then is like another person afterwards. She's flawless. I can't wait to see how much she acclimates to the role...especially with hair, makeup, and wardrobe. Blake is such a great entertainer. He's got a unique talent, and I really look forward to what he's gonna do each week.

Wow! Easter is upon us already! I've got to get plastic eggs stuffed and ready for at least 3 different hunts this week. And here in Texas, we can't use chocolate...the only kind of candy worth the calories IMO. Well, you could use chocolate, but it's not recommended...unless you hold the hunt at like 6 am or something. Of course, I wouldn't be attending those. I'm NOT a morning person.

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Jan said...

I love your 10 reasons to join me at convention banner!! That's great!!!