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Saturday, April 21, 2007

You Guys Rock!

Thanks so much for the feedback about the papers. It looks like I'm not the only one who enjoys the eclectic nature of the designs, so you should be seeing more of those coming from me. Of course, I hope you'll still enjoy the less-artsy pages that will visit your inbox around the first part of May.

I didn't even open PhotoShop yesterday...the first day in forever it seems. I haven't even opened it today (yet). I do have a couple of other projects that I've promised to complete, so it can't last forever. And I'm still working. I did up a great marketing letter for LifeTimez and the Hybrid starter kit to send to my son's school. Now, I'm trying to work on my website. Will I ever complete that project???

I'm also wrapping up Day 5 of 24 (the TV show). There have been so many inconsistencies with this season. CTU can do ANYTHING one minute and then are blocked by ridiculous hurdles the next. It's still a good show though. And you'd think that they would stop using Jack Bauer once and for all...he never listens to them. Total rogue.


Rach said...

Actually, we are saying that to you! YOU ROCK! HARD! I played with the newest download last night. Had fun. I just had to use that martini glass Doodle too! I only drink when I am with Ken & Krystal...huh...go figure! LOL So I used it to highlight Ken's Appletini that he makes at convention for us all!

By all means...go artsy! We will buy it! PROMISE!

Kristie said...

Lovin' the downloads!!! Can't wait to BUY THEM! And I love the show 24 too!!! So much corruption within the gov't agencies..hehehehe

Lisa Fedele said...

Krystal you keep raising the bar so high we'll NEVER be worthy enough! Heck, IIIIII wanna join your team! lol!! Really, I love your papers. You're amazing! Thanks for letting me peek and drool. :)