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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

LifeTimez Suggestions

Want more LifeTimez? Send me your suggestions for themes and content by using the comments function of this post. I'll compile the list and forward to the artists at regular intervals.


Krystal Hartley said...

Have forwarded the following ideas:

• How about a Scrapbook Theme??
• gymnastics, karate, music (for things like piano, band, etc)
• Digital bling, more runway kits, (heck, I will be greedy here...I'd like to see all our kits be offered both paper & digital in the future) If we are going to sell digital, let's offer it for those of us that are strickly digital now so we can take advantage of the paper elements digitally!
• Themes: New holiday themes for next year, more manly colors.
• Military, Red, White & Blue, Patriotic, etc....
• as we are a worldwide company - it would be nice to see some non US themes/sports
• I second the digital versions of our paper lines and more non US themes.
• I also would like to keep seeing smaller kits as they are more affordable and more doodle kits.
• a technology theme or elements for computers, ipods, tv ext
• family tree page or elements
• 4-H, FFA, Scouts colors and titles since I think there are copyright issues with the logo stuff

Kristie said...

I love using different sayings and phrases so how about more words? Maybe some quotes - kind of like the Through the Years download you designed. Quotes for love, friendship, growing up, pets, military, kids, life in general.....

Kayla Freitas said...

*Definitely more rub ons and ribbons! I use those over and over again and love the fact that they are non-consumable and I can put 30 flowers on a layout if I darn well please.

*Karate (please!)I have a list of phrases from the dojo that I could give you and the listing of the belts

*States...even just as titles for a travel book

*Siblings-I have had a ton of customers ask for this; I think a general "Relatives" title pack would be great: aunt, uncle, cousin, etc.



*Urban threads and slumber party digi, for sure!

*Baptism/christening; maybe include titles for godparents and little phrases appropriate to the event

Jan P. said...

I know there are requests for a 2008 calendar.

Shelley Moore said...

Graduation - I really think we need this! Of course, I could be biased, as I am graduating this Saturday with my Bachelor's LOL!

Cheryl said...

How about architecture, building a home, moving theme. Themes on other hobbies like stained glass, needlepoint, etc. so other craft work can be showcased.

Mandy Watson said...

Many of my customers have requested an Adoption theme. Thanks for asking for our input!

mlaj said...

I have had requests for: baptism/dedication (many many requests)
foster care
homeschooling (repeated requests for this one)
faith moments (bar mitzvah, bris, dedication, confirmation, baptism, matrimony, communion, etc)
vacation Bible school
sibling theme that is less girly
transportation vehicles (for boys)

Beth Swann said...

Here's my request:
*flourishes in all colors, most especially black
*framed journaling with flourishes like those found on this webpage
*I love phrases and wording in all kind of fonts, especially the frill kind
*I would love to see digital bling and silk flowers
*I would also love to see some black outline airplanes and aviation wording for adult men since hubby is a pilot and you can't find aviation theme stuff anywhere that's not geared towards little boys (this might open up another market, being able to vend at airshows, BONUS!).
*Lastly (for now), I would love to see some cool fonts that we could use for commercial purposes since most of the free and for charge stuff online is for personal use only.

Beth Swann said...

Okay, I just got the latest TLC catalog in the mail and I want ALL the new Hot Fudge themes in digital for sure (specifically "Baby," Family," and "Girl Talk") plus the newest Runway as well. Is that too much to ask? LOL!