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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Maybe she's born with it...

That was seriously the first thing I thought of when I saw this pic of Avery (yes, I took it, but the view screen is SO tiny that you can't really see it until you upload it). I was using my mega zoom lens, too, so she didn't really know I had the camera on her (there were 6 other kids there to snap, too). Her fingers are pink from coloring Easter eggs, and she's not happy about that. The other photo was also taken without her looks like she was looking directly at me, but she was really looking around for hidden eggs. I just thought it was really striking.


Rach said...

Well it not's natural beauty! Great job. Isn't it so rewarding to catch a photo like this when you aren't even trying! That's the beauty of photography...and that's why I love it! Great layouts too!

Sonja Rodriguez said...

Beautiful Krystal - catching my kids off-guard seems to get me the best pictures. ;-)