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Friday, May 18, 2007

An unusual piece of history

I'm sitting here working...promoting the awesome Hybrid kit...and Landon is sitting next to me playing video games (his first day of summer vacation). He's kind of a video game, pc, gamecube, gameboy, ds, etc. Well, he occasionally pulls out our very old Nintendo that I had long before he was ever even thought of.

He throws in a Tetris game, and as he goes through the menu options, I see my mother's name listed...the first player to play the game. She died in 2003, when Landon was two years old, so he doesn't really remember her. I told him who LindaJ was, and then he decided he wanted to play her profile. It's funny...of all the things that I have to share my mother with happens with a video game.

LindaJ (game profile)
She had just turned 50 in this photo and died one year later, 5 days before her 51st birthday. I still haven't scrapbooked it.

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Rach said...

Beautiful Mom! She could be your sister too! I didn't know that about you KH. Thanks for sharing the tough times too. I can't even being to imagine the pain you have felt. Having lost my Grandfather (who was like my father) is the closest thing to me that I have had to let go to the Lord. And that pain stabs at me daily still. As you might have seen/read on my own blog.