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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Latest LifeTimez Project

As you may have heard me say, I was designated scrapbooker for my son's first grade class. I used mostly all LifeTimez...from many different get this darling Photobook. I had them printed 8x8 hardbound, and I got my first copy today. I think the parents are going to love having a "yearbook" customized for their own child. The little girl featured in this album is one of Landon's classmates.


Rach said...

Super job as always! Let me ask you this, did they pay for the "cost" of the book or did you foot the bill? I am assuming you must have charged them just your cost. I would love to do something along this line but with 20+ kids in one class...I can't afford to "buy" them all one.

Krystal Hartley said...

Yes, I sold them at my cost.

It was a really big project. I was at every event, making sure that a group and/or individual shots were taken. With a digital camera, I'm not worried about film or processing costs, so I take a million pics, which makes the sorting process NO FUN! I put all the group shots in one folder and then the students' pics go in folders by name. Then I go folder by folder and clean up any really bad photos (light and contrast, etc. and have made a mental note to use tripod for some in future) Then I design all the group layouts and then do templates for the individual layouts. Then I have to go in and manually add each child's photo to the template and save a copy.

Michael had to help me upload from his office because there were so many. I don't have DVD writable at the moment, so it was really still my best option.

Even though I designed the School Days book, I did it based off the traditional events that are held at regular schools. Landon's school was a private school that had its own set up special days that I didn't have pre-made pages for. And I didn't design the School Days for all of the group photos...since most people are scrapping their own child and not the entire class like I was.

I know it's all worth it in the end. Touching the printed book with my hands was so therapeutic and rewarding after all that hard work. And here's hoping to future business!