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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My Turn to Tease

Well, I guess I'm really not sharing anything you wouldn't know anyway if you've paid attention to TLC's most recent announcements. After all, you've seen pictures of the yummy new papers for Runway 3 that we are going to get at convention. It wouldn't matter to you at all that the rub-ons are to die for. With these kits, I cranked out 4 adorable 2-page layouts (if I do say so myself). I can't wait to share them with you! Here are the titles:
  • Beauty and the Beach
  • Pretty in Pink
  • Chloe and Me
  • Reunited
And I'm still not caught up with everything...I don't recall ever wishing my work days were longer than 9-6, but I'm thinking it wouldn't be half-bad these days. My poor hubby has heard me say more than once lately, "You're already home?" What must my kids think? I'll make it up to them at the pool. Besides, my Landon says, "If there were a list of the best moms in the world, you'd be on it."

And I guess that's definitely better than the funny he said the other day to my husband, "If there were a list of the worst dads in the world, you wouldn't be on it." Michael usually makes the best dads list, but Landon wasn't super thrilled at the time. And I don't know whether to be happy or concerned when he says, "Mom, you put the HOT in Hottie!"

Changing the subject...Anyone know of other websites like Cafe Press...but with more reasonable prices and better products? I don't want to inventory and run a traditional store, but I think I'd like to sell some of my designs on various mediums (shirts, mousepads, etc.).

Also, if you're in the Dallas area and are an eBay expert (selling...not buying, like me LOL) and are interested in making extra $$, let me know. I have a ton (seriously...if you weighed it all, it would be at least a ton) of papercraft supplies that I'd like to sell but just don't have time or know-how to get it done efficiently.


Jan said...

OH... you're such a tease! LOL!!!
I can't wait to see your layouts!

If you find a cafepress type site, please share! I've been searching for something too. I can't find anything.

Melissa O. said...

ok where are the pictures of runway 3 at?

Melissa O. said...

here are CafePress alternatives