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Thursday, March 20, 2008

thrill of the hunt

I have to say this was SO challenging...the FS Easter kit coming out was designed around pastels...which aren't really my thing (remember the TLC baby kits I designed? :P)


Rach said...

So I have to ask...who said that Easter has to use Pastels??!! My eggs are bright and bold! LOL

Cute no matter what the color.

ashli wolf said...

SUPER cute girl....i LOVE did such a NEAT layout..LOVE it! We are decking out our wolflets this year in black and white...pretty cute! can't wait for pictures to scrap of the HUNT!

love ya girlfriend! ash

Susan Catmull said...

Very creative and I agree that no matter what colors you use it looks great.

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Meredith said...

this is beautiful!!!! my easter stuff is usually bright, too!