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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


A little bit of Nikki Painter and ScarletHeels going on here.


ashli kay wolf said...

oh my gosh..that is the cutest..that little fluffy thing is pretty adorable too! but what is MOST adorable is that black and white FLOWER with the buttOn..MEYOW! love it...xoxo

RealRach said...

Krystal, why don't you share this little treasure with us more often. I love your dog. I miss seeing your cat too! Show me your cat again soon in a layout near you.

Kids. Gotta love 'em. I can only imagine what a true gem that sweatshirt is to you now. I am so glad you have wonderful memories. You are a strong woman.

And can I just go on record here saying that I have NEVER EVER heard a four letter word come out of KH mouth in all the years that I have known her. You are human! LOL

And just in case you have are my hero. Have a blessed day!

Wendy said...

And this is why I call you "ARTIST"

This sweatshirt story reminds of my mom's 30 year+ old sweatshirt.
It's not the shirt, it's the memories it holds............