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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Yes. I really said that. Straight from my 7-yr-old son's mouth. I haven't heard this term on Suite Life or any of the other Disney/Nick shows he watches. Hmmm...did he really just think of it? He was quite pleased with himself. Now, I need to scrapbook it.

Another interesting thing this week is Avery has adopted my Cowboys sweatshirt. This is one of my treasured possessions... older than she is. It was part of a Christmas goodie box that my mom sent to me when I was serving a mission in Spain. I remember wearing it every chance I got...waiting quite a while to wash it because it smelled like cinnamon from the holiday goodness that was also in the box. It looks like hell these days, but I still wear it around the house. It was sitting on the sofa the other day, and she just threw it on. Now she wants to sleep in it and wear it to school (drew the line there). Another scrapbook page in the making. ;)


Jan said...

That's so sweet!! My daughter asked me the other day if she could borrow my clothes when she gets bigger. I can't wait!! : )

There is nothing better to bond a mom and daughter than for her to want to wear your "loved" clothing! LOL!

ashli kay wolf said...

fartastic..huh! well, i can't WAIT to see what kind of layout you make for this one..but i am sure that it will be so "STINKIN" cute it will blow us all away....hehehe
love the cowboys sweatshirt...makes me think that you MIGHT need to be thinking silver and blue already for a fabulous BOYS kit! that could be FUN!

Shelley Moore said...

LOL, love the Fartastic! By the way, check out my blog - you WON an award,!