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Sunday, April 8, 2007


Well, I'm recovering after 4 days of Easter happiness. I'll be finding plastic eggs everywhere for the next few weeks. And sanity will win out over conservation...I'll just go nuts trying to hold on to them to use again next year. I'm that way with lots of stuff now...I don't even keep most of my paper scraps from scrapbooking. I'd rather spend a few extra cents to just get another sheet of paper than to try to organize the scraps. They do go into the recycling bin, though.

Of course, to me, Easter is more than just plastic eggs. I get to reflect on the ministry, atonement, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. My belief in a life beyond this one is an integral part of my life. I'm so grateful for the holy scriptures that help me to learn more about what Christ did for me and what I'm expected to do to really experience joy and happiness in this life and in the next. And despite the supersonic noise level in this house, I'm very grateful for the special relationship that I share with my my husband, my sisters, and their families.

May each of you find little surprises of plastic eggs or otherwise.

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Rach said...

Easter is a special time. Faith is the most important part of lives.